Shabbaton 2018 #YouBeYou - Sponsorship Opportunities


To make Shabbaton an amazing success, we are offering a few sponsorship opportunities. All sponsorships will be mentioned in our program and each class will begin with a dedication in honor/memory of the person you select.

Please note that each opportunity can have multiple sponsors as well as each sponsorship can be shared among a group of women.

  • $360 - Candle Lighting - Includes written sponsorship info on printed card handed out to participants. Inspiration by Batsheva Gelbtuch
  • $180 - Kabbalat Shabbat and inspiration with Adrienne Gold
  • $180 - Dessert Table - Jamie Silberman's Mitzvah Project

    Classes with Adrienne Gold
  • $180 - Friday Night - The Power of the Paradigm Shift: How to reframe our thoughts for a happier, more positive life
  • $180 - Shabbat Morning - Forgiveness:  The gift we give ourselves
  • $180 - Shabbat Afternoon - How to Win the War Inside: Lessons on courage, conviction and conscious living through a Jewish lens    
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