Thank you for being a part of our vibrant JWC Atlanta community! We had another year of incredible growth. As our reach grows, so do our connections to each other and our Judaism. We hope you have experienced that connection personally  and that we  will see you in the coming year. Planning is underway as we write.

Generous women like you have made this expansion possible; we have hired more teachers, held more classes and programs and been able to penetrate areas of metro Atlanta that we were previously unable to serve on a regular basis.  We are humbled by the enthusiasm, feedback, ongoing involvement and most importantly, the impact.  Our vision is becoming a reality – through the friendship and Jewish inspiration we provide our women, the face of Jewish Atlanta is changing for the good.  To understand some of our achievements: 

●This year alone over 1,200 women were involved in Jewish learning and engagement.

●Since inception, we have taken nearly 350 women to Israel thereby connecting them Jewishly, to each other, our organization and the Atlanta community.

●Our data shows that our women’s connection to, and understanding that, Israel is the heart of the Jewish people has increased significantly as has our women’s thirst for Jewish knowledge and participation in Jewish ritual life. 

●Finally, as a direct result of a women’s connection to JWC Atlanta, more families have elected to send their kids to Jewish camp, school and/or participation in Jewish youth groups.

We hope you will join us to kindle the souls of other women like you by considering a donation to our Thirty Days to Ignite A Soul Annual Campaign.  With your generous donation, we can continue to inspire you, your family and our community and bring more Jewish women this impactful experience.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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